Sunday, May 2, 2010

Road trip in the car

Well, we’re ready for a little ordinary road trip. We have several friends in the Tucson area and want to see them as long as we’re this close, but didn’t want to drive the rig clear over there and then back to Albuquerque. Fortunately, Jack & Donna are like second parents to both John & I and they’re always so gracious about us just popping in. So, we packed up and headed west around 10 a.m.

The mountains in Arizona are different than Alaska’s but are still beautiful.

P1020341This next picture was taken in Texas Canyon just east of Tucson. It has been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw it in late 1991 when the boys and I flew into Tucson and then drove to south Texas. This picture doesn’t show all the “balancing” rocks there – some are the size of a small house and look like they could just topple over at any moment.

P1020342The flowers are blooming here, too – we’ve heard this is one of the best flower years in a really long time in the southwest.

P1020343 On the way to Jack & Donna’s we planned to stop for a couple of hours to see other friends. Since we arrived a little early, we stopped by the local Del Webb community and toured the 12 model homes. Fun, but all that space reminded us of how much we enjoy living in an RV and NOT doing all that housework!!!

Ryan, Louise and their little girl, Gabrielle, were home around 2:00 so we headed that way. Ryan was a neighbor of ours in Anchorage and he and our oldest son, Eric, are good friends. They're a lovely young family and we always enjoy seeing them when we’re in the area. As we were leaving their house, it started to rain and these clouds were pretty heavy over Tucson. It rained a bit off and on, but didn’t last long.

P1020344 We pulled in to Jack & Donna’s a little after 5:00 – just in time for a nice dinner with them and their daughter Shelley’s family. Shel went to school with both of us way back when and it’s always fun to catch up with her again, too!

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