Friday, May 21, 2010

Nice day up in the mountains

What a lovely, quiet day we had today! John took a walk earlier before I was up and around, so once I got motivated we took another walk up the hill. There we sat for quite awhile just enjoying the day: blue sky, warm breeze and gorgeous scenery! It doesn’t get much better than this…


But, as those of you who have hiked with me before know, I soon get bored just sitting. Time to check out the rocks surrounding us. That one would make a pretty good spear point, don’t you think?

P1030114 P1030116 P1030117

On our way back from the hike, we explored around the park buildings. They do weddings here, too. Pretty place if you know of someone getting married – as long as they don’t mind thin air!

P1030119 P1030122

And, they could pick their own wedding bouquets!


After a quick lunch, we hauled the laundry over to the main area and got that started. Then we grabbed a few golf balls and clubs from the trunk and hit/putted while the clothes were washing and drying. Best way to do laundry we’ve discovered so far.

Late in the afternoon, we drove into Cortez to pick up some groceries – at Safeway, no less! I don’t think we’ve been to a Safeway store since late last summer.

John fixed a pretty good Pad Thai dinner and then I printed out some flute music I had found on line. We drove over to the showers to get cleaned up after all our exercise today and now we’re just vegging. Tough world. Tomorrow we’ll go check out Mesa Verde National Park – should be pretty neat!


  1. Do you guys like to golf? I am going to learn this summer and Chris says there are a couple really nice looking courses there by the resort. I think we need to get a game going with anyone that wants to play!

  2. John does; I used to a little! Eric likes it, too. Doesn't Dusty golf?