Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exploring Silver City on Mom’s Day

We started our exploration at Silver City’s visitor center which, unfortunately, was closed. There was a cabin on site which was donated by director Ron Howard from the 2003 movie, “The Missing”.

P1020654 P1020655

We left the car there and walked across the “Big Ditch”. Apparently between 1890 and 1910, several devastating floods washed away what used to be Main Street. The only original building in this area is the Warren House.


The “Big Ditch” is 55 feet below the other streets and has been turned into a park although, like some portions of the river front in Carlsbad, we found it to have been somewhat neglected. It did have a few flowers, though…

P1020699 modified

The remaining downtown area had some interesting architecture and artwork.

P1020661 P1020662 P1020664 P1020672 P1020675

There is also an “art district” where we found only a couple of galleries open.


One couple opened theirs for a few minutes for us and we enjoyed visiting with these transplanted San Franciscans. If you are ever in this area, stop by the Seedboat Gallery. They had some beautiful things there.

P1020660 P1020659

We had planned to have lunch at a “quaint” little restaurant but, probably because of the combination Sunday/Mother’s Day, we were foiled on that also. Most places in the downtown area were closed, so we ended up at a very basic (read: not at all quaint!) Mexican restaurant. The food was great even though the typical southwestern seasoning is just a bit on the hot side for me. We cooled me off with gelato at “Alotta Gelato”. Then we wandered down some more streets and headed home.

Another wonderful day – including phone calls from all three “boys”! Thanks, guys!

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