Sunday, September 1, 2013

A REAL Vacation to SE Alaska!

Here we go!  On Friday, August 23rd, Curt, Diane, John & I flew from Walla Walla to Seattle, changed planes and then flew into Ketchikan, AK where we met up with Steve & Mary who flew in from Missouri.  We all splurged a bit on an overnight stay at the Cape Fox Lodge which had an awesome tram down the hill and some really great views.

John & me on the ferry from the airport to Ketchikan AK
Sunset over Tongass Narrows

Late evening view of Ketchikan from Cape Fox Lodge
On Saturday, August 24th we had some time to spare before our ferry ride, so we had a great time exploring Ketchikan.  The historic boardwalk along Ketchikan Creek included the old red-light district and the Totem Heritage Center was another must-see.
Morning fog view of Ketchikan from Cape Fox Lodge
Mary and Steve at breakfast - so excited to be here!

Ketchikan Creek Historic District

You'll want to click on this one to read it - pretty entertaining! 
Dolly was one of the more famous of Ketchikan's "sporting women".

Totem Heritage Center

In mid-afternoon we got on the Inter-Island Ferry for the 3-hour trip over to the small community of Hollis on Prince of Wales Island.  Curt & Diane's sons have an awesome compound near Klawock, including a great little 3-bedroom cabin where we all stayed.  The guys went out fishing several times, all of us went once, we.....  How about if I just do a little photographic snapshot of our time on "the island"?

This map shows the fishing trips (the Wednesday trip is the one we all went on).

Ry is an expert beachcomber!

Sandy Beach just north of Thorne Bay

Ry and Lilly looking for treasures at Sandy Beach

Bill helping little fisherman Ry

Grandma leading Lilly and Ry on an adventure

Katie flyfishing
Daddy teaching Ry and Lilly which crab are legal to keep
These kids are expert boaters already!

Diane, Mary, John and Steve relaxing after dinner

Pretty peaceful, isn't it?

Time to go fishing!  Here's Myassa hanging out at the back of the boat.

Mary and Diane - ready to catch something...

Dave showing Mary's halibut. 
Be sure to ask Steve about the one that got away...
It's a pretty good story!

Mary is having a blast showing off her red snapper.

And, Steve was in heaven when he caught this beaut! 
Too bad it didn't stay in the fish well....

One happy, happy guy - this would be heaven for Steve!

John hooked one, too.


First mate, Curt, at the helm.

This is probably one of my favorite memories of our time in Alaska:
looking out over the wake on a gorgeous body of water on a sunny day...

What a day.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Not bad for a day on the water!

Diane, Mary & I went to see the Klawock Totem Park one day.

Here's a panoramic of the totem park
Maybe this is what a totem graveyard looks like...

Even old totems can support new life.

One day Steve, Mary, John & I drove to Kasaan to see their totem park.

John & Mary wandering down the path to the totem park.

This felt like a very spiritual place and it was enjoyable being the only people there.

Close-up of one of the totems

Some of the totems are quite tall.

Chief Sonihat's Whale House - a traditional Haida long house.

Interior of the Whale House which was used for ceremonies.

Mary would loved to have taken this driftwood home for her garden!

Chief Sonihat's gravestone in the cemetery. 
He died in 1912 at the age of 75 years.

Steve, Mary & John.  Wonderful day!

Sunday, September 1.  Time to get back to the real world...  Back to Ketchikan on the ferry at 8:00 a.m....
So long, Prince of Wales Island.  It's been awesome!

...and then onto a plane from Ketchikan to Seattle at 1:30.  Didn't get back to Walla Walla till 8:30 p.m.  Long day, but such a fun trip!  We can't thank David and Bill & Katie enough for a wonderful vacation.  We've wanted to do this for years and it was awesome to finally see this special place that we've heard so much about.