Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to Deming via Saguaro National Park

We took off from Oro Valley around 8:45 after one more good-bye to Donna & Shelley at the exercise class up at the rec hall. After stopping by a Safeway store to pick up sub sandwiches, we drove to Saguaro National Park (East)

P1020470 where we watched a 15 minute video on the park and got the stamp for our National Park Passport Book. We then drove the 8-mile one-way “Cactus Forest Loop Drive”.


Took a few more pictures although I already had pictures of most of the cacti we saw there.


This is a cholla cactus – commonly called “jumping cholla” (pronounced choy-ya) because the thorns seem to get you even if you’re not very close!


Then it was time to hit the road so we would get home before dark. We stopped for gas and chocolate shakes near Benson and then ate our sandwiches in the car.

The next two pictures illustrate why we usually come this way with the RV during spring and fall when we’re headed to the northwest from Texas. It doesn’t get any easier than this when crossing the Rockies!

P1020497 P1020498

We got home around 5:00 pm. The motor home seemed to have survived just fine without us. We got everything unpacked and put away and crashed. Nice trip – thanks for your hospitality, Tucsans!!

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