Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last travel day for awhile...

Slept in this morning and we took our time getting ready to hit the road; finally started rolling at around 11:30. It was mostly cloudy and the trip was pretty uneventful (which is OK with us!) as we headed for New Mexico. It seemed to be a pretty gradual climb across western Texas and we noticed that the new leaves were quite a bit newer here than they were farther east. There were still some wildflowers but they gradually petered out as we got closer to NM.

We fueled up in Pecos which seemed like a pretty rough town from what we saw of it. And, finally! – a wildlife sighting bigger than a bunny: John spotted a coyote near the NM border, which we crossed at 5:08 pm (Central time)/4:08 pm (Mountain time).

We’re staying at an SKP co-op park near Lakewood, NM which is just north of Carlsbad. Seems like a nice place. We’re boon-docking tonight and will move into a regular site tomorrow when the office is open. Lots of lightening (and a couple of thunder booms) which we enjoyed watching from the rig with the lights out. Alaskans aren’t used to thunder and lightening…

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  1. You guys are so funny! Lots of lightening and thunder around here! :)