Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On a "Rally" schedule now!

The Rally officially started today with a continental breakfast followed by a blogging & Picasa workshop by Molly. It’s always fun to help and learn from others. I particularly enjoyed learning how to do collages in Picasa and downloaded MS Livewriter after hearing good things about it.

At noon we had a final rehearsal for the skit we’ll be doing as this evening’s entertainment. We have had such fun at our practices – retirement seems to bring out hidden talents in some folks…

At 1:30 we attended Ron & Linda’s presentation about volunteering in the NWR. Sounded like something we would enjoy doing at some point.

4:00 happy hour was followed by a potluck – wonderful food as usual and ice cream for dessert!


We did our skit and had at least as much - or likely more - fun as the audience did! If you would like to see it, and promise not to disown us after seeing it, let me know and I’ll send you the link. We stayed for some of the jam session after and then headed over to Dick & Karin’s for a bit. Karin helped me with a little tweak in our PowerPoint pictures and we, together, managed to abort her download of the skit to YouTube!

Tired – time to go home.

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