Saturday, April 17, 2010

Post-rally day

A couple more rigs left this morning. Dick & Karin had planned to move down to Bandera while waiting for parts for their rig repair, but because of the heavy rains during the night (and this morning yet), they decided to stay an extra day here based on unsubstantiated reports that there was flooding near the campground.

After making plans for chili, etc. for dinner this evening, John & I headed down to Best Buy. We took in our two laptops, which passed inspection and ended up buying another printer. Pretty good deal, though: $49 on sale and that included the print cartridges! Stopped for fuel for the car and a few groceries and then back to the rig so John could start the chili.

I wandered around with Howie & his two pups to make sure everyone knew about it. Back to the rig to research and make campground reservations near where we will be having the generator looked at on Monday. Off the the rally building for chili – good stuff, Newby! Lots of good eats to go with it, too! Amazing what this group can come up with on short notice…

Spent the evening playing hand and foot with about 10 other folks. Good time again… Back home and got the printer set up. Even managed to print some more business cards – who would a’ thunk a printer could work so well???

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  1. Can't wait to play hand & foot with you guys in just a short couple months! Chris and I LOVE hand & foot!