Friday, September 18, 2009

Work day

After John & Eric went to Ridgway to pick up supplies at the hardware store, we spent the day helping Eric & Kari with house projects: got the sofa winched up to the 2nd story deck and into the living room, got the old sofa moved out to the deck, got the futon set up in Jacob's room, got stuff organized in his room and put together the drawer that rolls under his crib.

But the most fun part of the day for me was when Kari needed to have a volunteer to get a facial at the spa! Wow! Was that ever nice and relaxing! John baked his first high-altitude cake while we were there and then we all had spaghetti at the motorhome and played a little Cribbage before Jacob got tired and they went home. Had a fair amount of rain today with beautiful blue skies in between...

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