Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jacob's Grandad!

It was just a hang-out kind of day, which felt really good! We did laundry after breakfast. Kari had to work at the spa and was worried about being bored, so she did a facial for her mom and massages for her dad, Eric and John throughout the day. How nice - thanks, Kari!

The rest of us played with Jacob, enjoyed lunch downtown (during which a huge wind, rain & hail storm came through that took out several large portions of trees around town), played some Mexican Train Dominos and then went down to the local Mexican restaurant where we enjoyed really good food and great company!
Afterwards we headed back to our place, played one more hand of dominoes and tried to watch the rest of the "Amadeus" DVD, but apparently there's a second DVD that wasn't sent to Ken & Harriet. Darn! We also enjoyed celebrating Ken's birthday with him all day and ended it with some carrot cake that John made - yummy! Everyone headed for home early, so we could get things finished up to head out in the morning. Bummer - we've had a really good time with Eric, Kari & Jacob and with Kari's parents also the last few days! Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Sure wish we could have come up to see you guys this weekend but we will have to catch you next time!