Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jobs and Telluride

Kari had to do some training at the spa this morning, so the rest of us just hung out and played with Jacob. We finally got a call from Deborah at Ouray KOA - we got the jobs! Should be fun!
In the afternoon, we took both cars and headed for Telluride. This pond just past the town was the most incredible turquoise color. It reminded us of Kenai Lake in Alaska.
Here is a panoramic video of the area around the pond. Gorgeous, but unfortunately it was starting to rain so we took some quick pictures and got back into the cars. We'll definitely come back here next summer - hopefully on a nice sunny day!
We wanted to wander through downtown but it was still raining and even hailing once in awhile so we settled for driving around looking at the cool houses. Kari stopped to check on a possible job at a spa and then we headed for Montrose to get groceries. It was still raining and was really pouring by the time we finished dinner at Chili's. Got our groceries, Eric, Kari & Jacob headed home and we stopped at Target to pick up a few things. Got home about 8:30 and called it a day.

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