Monday, September 14, 2009

Tour Day in Ouray

This morning John, Eric & Kari toured the Bachelor-Syracuse Mine just outside of town, while Jacob & I had fun together. They said the mine tour was pretty interesting.

In the afternoon, John wanted a nap, so the rest of us went to see the local museum. It's in the old hospital and was very nice. I was amazed at the sheer number of artifacts from this area.

Afterwards, we stopped by the courthouse which is on the historical walking tour. I was quite impressed with the courtroom which still has the original 1888 chairs for spectators. And, it's still in use one day each week by the District Court Judge!

We all enjoyed dinner together and then spent some time outside around the firepit making smores with the downstairs neighbor, Kay, and her son, Zach. Wonderful neighbors - too bad they're moving across town soon, but I'm sure they'll become good friends for Eric & Kari.

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