Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Job Hunting

We did laundry this morning and then headed north to check out some workamping job possibilities for next summer. Of the six parks we stopped at, three looked like they would be nice to work at. We'll be following up with at least two of them in the next few days. John also was encouraged by the local Safeway store manager to contact her when we return next summer. Sounds like they are usually looking for bakery help...
On the way home through Ridgway, we saw this old railroad truck. The museum looks interesting - maybe we'll be in the area next summer and can go see it!

Eric & Kari had picked up some steaks for dinner which we enjoyed after Kari returned from her job interview. She got the job and will be working Sundays. It is nice to have adult time once-in-awhile when you have a little one! Oh, yeah - just thought I'd mention that I had the highest total score for the three Yahtzee games we played tonight...


  1. It would be great to have you guys in CO for the summer, we could come see you when we come out to visit family!

  2. Do you come out every summer? It would be awesome to see you guys again!