Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ouray Walking Tour

Kari's parents, Ken and Harriet, arrived late last night, unloaded a few pieces of furniture for Eric & Kari and then parked their pick-up camper just across the road from us. So, when everyone finally roused out of bed this morning, we headed down to Eric & Kari's for breakfast. Their neighbor, Kay, and her son, Zach, were enjoying the sunshine on their front porch so they came up and had pancakes and eggs with us. Fun visit!
Later, we headed downtown to do part of the Ouray Walking Tour. This is the Uncompaghre River that runs through town. It is the most unusual shade of green that we've seen.
There are lots of hollyhocks in town, also. Many of the historic homes and businesses here have beautiful yards and courtyards.

This is the Beaumont Hotel. It's on the National Historic Register and looks very authentic both outside and in. All three floors are open to the main floor lobby. This would be a fun place to stay if we traveled differently!

Baby Jacob is having a fun time with all four grandparents visiting at the same time!

Dinner tonight was marinated chicken, rice, salad and baked squash at our place. Afterwards, we watched the first part of "Amadeus" and decided to watch the rest tomorrow.

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  1. Beautiful hotel! Maybe we could stay there when we come visit.