Sunday, September 13, 2009

Million Dollar Highway, Silverton & Animas Forks

Well, we got to drive the infamous Million Dollar Highway today. It's really gorgeous...if you're not driving! The driver better not be taking his/her eyes off the road 'cause this one's pretty hairy! We stopped at an overlook just south of Ouray and this is the bird's eye view of the town. Can you see why they call it the "Switzerland of America"?
This is a view of the highway from the pull-off near the Yankee Girl Mine - one of the richest concentrations of silver ore in the U.S.
When we arrived in Silverton, we left our car and hopped in with Eric & Kari (after moving the dogs to the back). Then we headed for Animas Forks, an old ghost mining town. We can hardly believe that this "road" actually appears in our road atlas, although it is marked as "Unpaved - check conditions locally". They aren't kidding - this is 4-wheel drive territory and is mostly one-lane with frequent small pull-outs. I found it more relaxing to focus on baby Jacob's smiles rather than looking at the narrow, rocky road winding along the mountainside. Eric & Kari are much braver than we are!

That said, the ghost town and surrounding scenery was awesome! It was chilly & windy when we arrived so we ate our picnic lunch inside the manager's house. Here's John checking out the views from there.
A couple of the houses had a "bathroom"! It was an attached outhouse. What do you think, Mom & Dad - would you have liked that up at the lodge????
Here's a view of the manager's house from the outside.

When we got back to Silverton, we stopped for ice cream at the hotel, did a little window-shopping and headed back home for tacos, movie and play time with the baby. Great day - thanks, Eric & Kari!


  1. John and Lora, which way are you going? We left South Fork CO today and are sitting in Durango now trying to decide if we want to push on to the clif dwellers today or wait until tomorrow. Call us 606-242-7057

    Joe and Marcia

  2. Called you at 5:10 pm and left a msg. My phone is 907-227-6532.

  3. Oh my goodness! I don't read your blog for a few days and you have traveled half way across the US already! I am going to read the rest tomorrow when I have more time and can comment on them! Love you guys and Goodnight!!!

  4. Love the manager's house and I would have loved having an attached outhouse when I stayed up at the Lodge and that was in the summer! :)