Saturday, September 12, 2009

Colorado, here we come!

Up and out of Wal-mart by 8:00 a.m. For the first time on this trip, we had a little headwind but it was only through the first canyon on Utah Hwy. 6. Throughout the 23-mile deer "area" we saw 0 deer. Not much wildlife on this trip yet... Hwy. 6 winds through the gorgeous Price Canyon area and we did notice some signs of fall colors.
After passing through the communities of Price and Wellington, the country opens up again. It was so easy to eliminate the roads and fences in our minds and picture, instead, a group of Indians on their ponies picking their way through the sagebrush, while a wagon train was creeping along in the distance with a tell-tale plume of dust.

...finally some wildlife! John spotted several elk laying down near a rest area where we had stopped to switch drivers. We crossed into Colorado just after noon and stopped for a picnic lunch in the sunshine at the Colorado Welcome Center in Fruitas. At Grand Junction, we headed south on Highway 50 and then Hwy. 550 from Montrose on to Ouray. As we got closer to Ridgeway, this was our view. It was a little disconcerting to realize that we would be driving the RV in those mountains ahead! They sure are beautiful, though, and I read that the San Juans are the newest of the entire Rocky Mountain chain.

We pulled into Ouray a little after 4 and, shortly after getting set up at an RV park just a block from Eric & Kari's, they showed up with baby Jacob! So good to see all three of them again! And, Jacob seems so much more grown up than when we last saw them in Hawaii in May! After dinner we took a walk through town. This is a view of main street Ouray.
This is an historic livery stable that is currently housing a horse-drawn carriage company. Very cool town! It reminds us a bit of Girdwood, AK and the mountains surrounding it are really gorgeous!
Good travel day, but it'll be fun to stay around here, spend lots of time with the kids and grandson, and explore the area!


  1. I didn't even realize that Eric and Kari were back in CO until I started reading your blogs again!

  2. They moved back to Avon in late February and then discovered Ouray, found new renters for their condo and just moved to Ouray about 3 weeks ago. It is beautiful!