Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Work, work, work...

I should have said "hot, hot, hot....", but hated to sound like a whiner! It has been in the high 90s every day since we arrived. John - poor guy - has been working outside every morning using the high pressure sprayer on pool walls, fountains and sidewalks. The place is looking very spiffed up - I think people will be pleased when they arrive.

I've been in training for the office work and just heard today that I will definitely be working an additional part-time job. My boss has also been managing another, smaller RV park not too far away and I've been asked to work there in the office in the afternoons for 20 hours a week. John will work there on an occasional temp job, as will another workamper.

We've got a really nice, fun group this year, but it still seems strange to us with so few people here. We went for a walk this evening and only saw one other person to visit with...


  1. You're in TX, right? I was in Corpus Christi a couple weeks ago and you needed a machete to chop a hole in the air just to walk outside....90+ temp and 96% humidity...I don't understand how anybody can live in that! Saw Mom & Dad last Wed, doing well.

  2. We're not sure how anybody lives in that either, but here we are! It finally cooled off yesterday afternoon and isn't supposed to get hot again for a few more days. Glad to hear the folks are doing well. Did I offer my personal thanks to you recently for visiting them so often? We all appreciate you doing that!