Friday, October 2, 2009

Starting our third winter in the RGV

We left Laredo last Wednesday morning and arrived at Magic Valley a little after noon. It was nice to have a warm welcome from Joe & Fran who will be our bosses this winter! We spent some time getting blocks under the tires, etc. only to discover that evening that the electrical problems we were experiencing late last February and March have not been resolved. John finally unplugged our shore power around 3 a.m. when the "surge protector" kept kicking off and on every couple of minutes.

John started on cleaning bathrooms the next morning and I spent some time swimming with Ruth (her doctor doesn't want her swimming by herself since a heart attack last spring). In the late morning, the electric guy came, discovered nothing and said he would try to get a recorder put on the electric to hopefully find the problem. By late afternoon, there was no word from the electricians so we moved the rig to another spot. It was beastly hot and we spent much of the afternoon hanging out with a few others over by the pool. Our friends, Bill and Sandy, arrived this afternoon also - so good to see them again! Thursday evening, we gathered three other couples and bobbed around in the pool getting acquainted. Nice people!

Friday morning was work time for both of us. Sandy, Karin & I started our office training with Fran and John & Bill used the high pressure sprayer on the pool fencing in preparation for painting. We've all been impressed with how much sprucing up has been done here this summer. The new clotheslines are wonderful and so is the widened sidewalk! In the afternoon, John & I headed for the RV supply store to pick up a replacement thermostat. We knew the thermostat was starting to have problems, but after we moved the rig yesterday it quit working altogether. Still no air conditioning - aaaagggghhh! It's been in the high 90s and miserably hot!! Fortunately the new thermostat worked like a charm so we finally have a cool place to hang out in. We did laundry and then went out to dinner with all the other workampers at a nearby restaurant. Great food and wonderful company! It's gonna be a fun winter!!

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