Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cooling off in Texas

Cooler temps finally! Last Thursday, the electric company FINALLY got the power pole fixed for the section of the park that we're normally in. When John finished his work shift, we moved the RV back to our regular spot. NOW we can get settled in for real!

On Friday we got up, ate breakfast and started washing the RV. Big job, but it was long overdue... Afterwards, we washed the front windows, put up the window shades and John put the tire covers on. He even got the extra stuff out of storage in the car and put away in the bay door spaces vacated by the chairs. And, of course, it rained less than an hour after we finished:):) We sure didn't complain though, because it finally cooled off. Bill and Sandy came over for a fun evening of pinochle. Bill and I won all but one game (had to brag a little!).

Saturday, we went over to Beto's for breakfast with the regular Saturday morning group that have already arrived. Charlotte was there with her daughter. She's selling her trailer and will be wintering in AZ with her daughter/son-in-law. We'll really miss her - she's such a neat person! Not windy today, so John & I got the 10' square sunshade tent set up with Bill's assistance. John did lots of reinforcing with PVC pipe and straps hoping to prevent it from blowing away the next time we have a strong wind. We'll check into getting a couple of mesh side panels so it'll stay nice and shady in there.
Later in the afternoon, we played some shuffleboard with Bill & Sandy. The women's combined scores were exactly the same as the men's combined! Guess we're pretty well matched with them!

Don't know what all today will bring, but we've already enjoyed a two-mile walk, as it's still cool. Very humid, but a whole lot better than those high 90s!!

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  1. Would love to see more pics of "home" and where you are set up! Sounds like you are having a great relaxing time!