Sunday, April 5, 2009

Iowa instead of New Mexico

Well, we had planned to head west last Thursday, but John's dad ended up in the hospital in Iowa, so we turned the rig north instead. We made it to Iowa in 2 1/2 days with no more problems than high winds in southern Texas which forced us off the road in George West for about 3 hours.

John's dad is finally showing some improvement after being diagnosed with an atypical pneumonia. He'll also get a pacemaker before leaving the hospital. He's still in ICU so the family is spending most of their time there.

We are so thankful to not be working anymore and marvel at how easy it was to simply make a change of plans, head our home a different direction and stay as long as necessary. Jello plans are definitely the way to go!

We are sorry to miss seeing many of you in Albuquerque for "The Rally", but being here for family is, without a doubt, more important. Hope to join you all for another one down the road in the future...

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  1. Hope all is well in Iowa. Good blog and a great photograph for your opening page!

    Clear skies,

    Mark and Renita