Friday, April 17, 2009

Life at the hospital

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly two weeks since our last posting. Life at the hospital seems to supercede the rest of the world. John's father was moved out of ICU last week and has spent the time since recovering from the pneumonia and trying to regain some strength. His pacemaker was postponed several times but his doctor finally put it in today. The nurse who came to get us afterwards scared us to death when she was wiping her eyes before she told us anything. It turned out to be sweat she was dealing with and were we relieved! Dad came through the procedure with flying colors and will likely move to a rehab facility on Monday. His doctor is quite cautious about recovery and very strongly recommended against taking him straight home. Needless to say, Dad's first reaction was not positive. We have spent much time this past week exploring various options for him. Hopefully we didn't pressure him too much to make this decision - such a fine line we walk sometimes...

The weather here has improved tremendously since the snowstorm on April 5, although rain is forecast for tomorrow. It'll be fun to see spring arrive. It's been many, many years since we've been here in the midwest at this time of year.


  1. We are glad to hear things are going good.

  2. Good to hear that John's Dad is on the road to recovery. Hope he heals well. Take care.