Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slowing down in the Rio Grande Valley

It's always amazing how busy we can be without working...Last week was full of people leaving, including John & his dad, his sister & bro-in-law and his parents. Fortunately they missed the storms (for the most part) and arrived safely in Iowa on Friday. Others who have left here recently were not so lucky. Apparently some are stranded in the Dakotas and don't anticipate moving on to Canada until tomorrow at the earliest. There were reports last night that one couple couldn't even get to a restaurant. Hmmm....eating solely from motel vending machines probably isn't as much fun as I would have thought.

Back in Iowa, John's dad is busy visiting doctors to try to find out why he's having so much trouble breathing and John is visiting some friends while he's there. He'll fly back down here later today - yeah!

I've kept busy washing the RV & car, running errands, and generally getting everything ready to hit the road again. Oh, yeah - and I learned to read electric meters one day and enjoyed a visit the next day from a high school classmate and her father. Jean and I hadn't seen each other for about 20 years and had a fun time catching up again (indoors since it was 102 degrees here in the valley that day!).

So, today's project is reorganizing the bay doors - yippee..... And, on Thursday we'll become nomads again as we head for New Mexico. This is the first time since we started full-timing that we have a pretty good block of time to explore one of our 50 states. Should be fun!


  1. I hope you are taking a lot of pictures along the way! By the way, it doesn't look like you highlighted Kansas on your map of places you have been. You've been there, haven't you???

  2. We have been to Kansas, but not with the motorhome - yet. With any luck, we can swing by there this fall on our way from Washington to Texas. Hopefully they don't get as much snow in September as they do in March:):)

  3. I can just about promise no snow in September! :D I guess you have been through Kansas with the motorhome since you wrote that last post!

  4. You caught us! Were your ears burning as we went by last Friday? We would loved to have stopped, but with John's dad in ICU we were pretty anxious to get up here to Iowa. Besides they were forecasting that nasty storm and we really want to get to Steamboat first. Next time, we promise!