Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Colorado Christmas

This year, since we are in Arizona and closer, we decided to go up to Eric & Kari's in Colorado for Christmas.  All we have to do is dodge any snow!  So, we packed the trunk full of what winter gear we still own, Christmas presents for the grandsons, some snacks and headed north to real winter...

We got as far as Bluff, Utah the first night, Sunday, December 22, 2013, and stayed at the Desert Rose Inn.  The next day, Monday, December 23rd, we arrived in Minturn and got settled in.  Good to see them all again!  The next few days were very busy and fun.  Kari's parents, Ken & Harriet came from Denver to join us for the holiday.  I'll just let the photographs tell the story...

Jonah, the master snow scooper!

Kodiak, Jonah & Kari

Jonah got excited about each gift:)

Jacob loves sports, so this was a hit!

Kari's parents, Ken & Harriet

Jacob will love driving this!
Jonah had to try out his new tool kit.

Eric & Jacob on the ski lift.

Kari helping Jonah on the Magic Carpet.

Jonah's learning to ski!

And liking it!!

Headed down the bunny hill...

"Hold me, Daddy - I'm tired!"

Jacob looks like a pro already!


"Am I skiing now?"

Eric & Jonah having fun!

Fun day!

Never knew skis were so colorful...

Vail is beautiful during the holidays!

And, busy...

Really, really busy!

Jacob & Jonah love riding the buses in the Vail Valley.

Let's go to Beaver Creek!

Ice skating rink in Beaver Creek.

The ice sculptures were awesome.

Grandpa & Jonah checking out the creek.

Jonah & Jacob enjoy making popcorn
Grandma reading to Jonah & Jacob

Jacob learning to bake

Tuesday, December 31st: there's a storm headed this way.  Kari was at work and as soon as Eric got home from his part-time job at the ski shop, John & I hopped in the car and headed west.  We're not prepared for winter driving any more!  Before we left, though, John & his able assistant, Jacob, did some baking:)

Jacob & the finished product - yum! yum!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014.  It's a new year!!  We spent last night at the Hampton Inn in Moab, Utah and then drove south, taking a little detour to see Monument Valley (turned west on Hwy. 95 just south of Blanding and then took Hwy. 261 south).  On the way, we stopped at Mule Canyon Ruin to explore the remains of a small Anasazi village that was intermittently occupied from about A.D. 750 to roughly A.D. 1000 to 1150.
Remains of the tower

The kiva

Remains of the room block (14 rooms)

More room ruins

We love the red rocks here in Utah!

What we didn't know was that our route choice would take us down the Moki Dugway to Monument Valley.  We thought we might have heard the name "Moki Dugway," but didn't know much about it.  Found out fast!  10% grades, 5 mph. switchbacks and 3 miles of gravel - all in the same place!  It was awesome and the views were incredible!!  Fortunately, there were lots of wide spots on the switchback corners so we were able to stop and take photographs.

Here's our first clue that we were in for an adventure...

Oh, my...

Like falling off the edge of the earth...

But what stupendous views of the valley 1,200' below!

Check out that switchback!

A panoramic view.

Almost down!

Wonder why they didn't have a sign like this at the top??
 Monument Valley was pretty cool, too.  We would like to come back through here sometime and spend more time.

We drove as far as Flagstaff and holed up for the night at the Holiday Inn Express.  Fun day!

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