Saturday, August 17, 2013

Montana Mop-Up

It's Thursday, August 15th.   Guess what?  Flathead Lake isn't very far from us...  Time for some quality outdoor time!  We headed north for a little over an hour to Flathead Lake State Park at Finley Point.  Nice...

Doesn't get much better than this!

This place looked WAY fun!

Nice view after a nice paddle...

John supervising the kayak drying process:)

Friday, August 16th dawned bright and clear (again!) so we took a nice long walk around the park and I got lots of flower photos. 

Afterwards, we hopped in the car and headed over to the nearby Missoula Smokejumpers Museum.  Had a wonderful tour, enjoyed the museum and even saw a DC-3 (took pics just for you, Derick!).  The Douglas DC-3 was built for WWII and is so revered in China that the image of it is still being printed on their money.  Today, it is still popular as a jumpship because it can carry 16 jumpers and all of their gear.  Roughly 350-400 smokejumpers operate from 11 bases in the western U.S. during fire season.

Our tour guide

Items that jumpers carry in their pack

The Douglas DC-3
Fun day!

We enjoy farmer's markets, so on Saturday, August 17th, we went to the one in Missoula.  Always nice to pick up some fresh stuff!!

We've REALLY enjoyed Montana, but it's time to head for the Dawley Ranch!

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