Friday, June 28, 2013

Devil's Tower Fun with John & Susan

After arriving here at Devil's Tower KOA late yesterday (Saturday, June 22), we now had some time for resting up before the next big rally.

Devil's Tower is awesome and is very sacred to the area's Native Americans.
Our friends, John & Susan, were here too and we had a nice relaxing week exploring Devil's Tower (est. 1906 as the first National Monument) and even taking a long scenic drive where the road became not much more than a two-track trail.  And, we were in our car!  Survived that little adventure fortunately!

John's checking out a neat looking bird up in a tree...

Sego Lily

Yellow Goatsbeard

I thought this burned out tree trunk was beautiful!

Spreading Dogbane (what a strange name!)

The most popular Native American legend about Devil's Tower tells of
seven little Indian girls who were chased by a bear and, in the nick of time,
they jumped on a three foot rock and prayed to the rock to save them. 
It grew higher (865' in fact) while the bear clawed and jumped at the sides
leaving these marks.  The little girls were pushed up into the sky
and are now the Pleiades stars!


And, no, we have no idea who gave them the peanuts!

This guy might want to think about a diet...

Purple Coneflower

On Monday, June 24, we headed over to Rapid City, SD to have our new Brake Buddy "Stealth" supplemental braking system installed in the car.  While there and waiting for the work to be completed, we borrowed one of their loaner cars and went to the mall for lunch and haircuts.  When we arrived back at the motorhome, we reviewed the Stealth instructions (the entire unit had been shipped directly to the repair shop).  Apparently we were the first ones to do so as it quickly became apparent that the RV repair shop had NOT done so!  They said they needed to install the unit only in the car, but we found that the RV portion of the unit needed to be hard-wired in.  Lovely.  So now we have to find someone else to install that portion of it.  Don't believe we'll be going back to Dakota RV in Rapid City for repair work again...

We also wanted to play some golf with John & Susan, so on Wednesday, June 26th, we drove back into Gillette and played 18 holes at Bell Nob Golf Course.  Fun day!

Loved seeing all the pronghorns on the course!

John & Susan

We left the Devil's Tower area at 9:15 a.m. on Friday, June 28th, and arrived back at the Cam-Plex in Gillette a little after 11:00 a.m.  Time for some more fun!

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  1. I think the burned out tree trunk is beautiful too! By the way, if Uncle John would quit feeding them peanuts, they would be so fat!