Saturday, November 3, 2012

Arizona Adventures

After arriving in Casa Grande, Arizona yesterday, Thursday, October 18 and settling in at Rover’s Roost SKP Park, we got haircuts and picked up some groceries the next day before heading up to the Phoenix airport to pick up our friends from Washington state, Curt & Diane.  They flew down for a long weekend to celebrate their anniversary and we had a fabulous time taking 5th wheel shopping trips to Tucson and even north to Camp Verde.  Even got to see this tarantula at the campground!  Scary, huh?
On Tuesday, October 23rd, the four of us drove about 30 miles away from the campground to see Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  This four story building from the early 1300s is the largest known structure of the Ancestral People of the Sonoran Desert. 
The walls face exactly north, south, east and west and there are openings that align with solstice sunsets and sun or moon at other times. 
P1160684Curt & Diane!
It’s always fascinating to get a glimpse – however brief – of other cultures.
On Wednesday, October 24th, John & I packed up and left Rover’s Roost at 10:45 am and arrived at LazyDays RV Park in south Tucson several hours later.  A few days earlier when we were 5th wheel shopping with Curt & Diane at LazyDays, the dealership gave us a camping coupon so we decided to check them out.  Nice park with lots of fruit trees!
We spent most of our week in Tucson visiting good friends from Iowa and doing housekeeping chores but did find time to tour Biosphere 2 near Oracle (north of Tucson) on Friday, October 26th.  This amazing facility was where the eight “Biospherians” were sealed in for two years in the early 1990s to find out if people could live totally enclosed in a large glass “bubble”.  It is now operated by the University of Arizona and is being used to study ecosystem processes under controlled conditions.  It is quite fascinating!
Saturday, November 3 – Time to leave LazyDays and mosey on down the road to Benson, AZ to visit RVing friends Bob & BarbAnna at Cochise Terrace RV Park.  We had a fun dinner out with them – thanks, B&B!
The view from our campsite was pretty cool!
Tomorrow we head on east, but had our usual fun time in Arizona!

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