Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday in Victoria

Well, hopefully we didn’t offend any of Dick & Karin’s neighbors today because we washed motorhome on Easter Sunday.  Needed to be done, but it was a pretty hot job!  Dick helped out by loaning us his lawn sprinkler which did a bang-up job washing the undercarriage.  We did our usual procedure of me washing the roof and John doing the sides.  Always entertains the neighbors when they see John sitting in a lawn chair giving me “helpful” suggestions while I’m up on the rig working!

Later we all took a nice long walk with Bailey and snuck into some of the houses being built in the neighborhood.  Guess we’re well-suited to this nomad life we’ve chosen, because those great big houses just don’t have any appeal for us anymore!  Still fun to see, but they sure look like a lot of work to maintain…

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